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Cala Benisa, Menorca

Successive changes of fortune have left their mark on Menorca and cultural influences range from Moorish to Colonial, but it’s the unspoilt coastline, the beaches and the unhurried pace of life which ensure a relaxed holiday environment. Luxury holidays in Menorca are the ideal way to experience the beauty and zest of the Mediterranean.

The second largest and most north eastern of the Balearic Islands, Menorca differs from the other islands in both climate and landscape. Throughout the course of history, successive changes of fortune have left their mark here, as have the diverse cultural influences of the main people who have occupied the island over the centuries as reflected in the Moorish and Colonial style architecture you will see throughout the island. This past history has endowed Menorca with an original, distinctive character and the island offers a wealth of things to see and do and Menorcans are renowned for their openness, generosity and, as one would expect, their hospitality.


Luxury holidays in Menorca are not complete without a visit to the islands breath-taking beaches. The whole of Menorca’s coastline has been declared a protected area which is apparent in the unspoilt countryside and the abundance of soft sand beaches and coves scattered around the island, indeed Menorca offers areas of natural beauty that are almost unsurpassed anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

The most popular beaches are found at the eastern end of the south coast although there are many delightful ones further to the west and in the northeast. Punta Prima, the southernmost beach of Menorca, overlooking Illa de l’Aire is one of the most popular whilst that at Son Bou is the longest.

At Classic Collection Holidays we offer a range of 4 and 5 star hotels in Menorca, many just a stone’s throw away from the beach.



Each town celebrates its own fiesta, during which the islanders have always exuded their enthusiasm for merriment and today they are joined by the many summer visitors. The fiestas start at the beginning of May in Ferreries and continue around the island throughout the summer reaching a climax in the capital, Mahon’s, fiesta of Our Lady of Grace. By far the most famous of the celebrations and one to which people travel from all over Spain is the fiesta of San Juan in Ciutadella. Menorcan horses perform the Jaleo, where the horse rears up on its back legs, and locals run to touch the stomach of the animal – not for the faint hearted! 

For Menorca family holidays these fiestas are a fantastic Menorcan experience for all ages.


Menorcan gastronomy is varied but arguably the most famous dish was once referred to as simple fare, nowadays Caldereta de Langosta (lobster stew) is considered food fit for a king and is served at many restaurants throughout the island. An abundance of seafood as well as grill restaurants and fine dining can be found. For luxury holidays in Menorca we recommend taking the time to taste some of the local delicacies.

Other industries on the island include the production of Menorcan gin and cheese. Dating back to the British occupation of the island Gin Xoriguer is distilled from juniper berries and is mixed with lemon to form the traditional drink, Pomada, which is drunk at the many fiestas celebrated throughout the summer months.

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Did you know?

The harbour at Mao, the island’s capital, is the second largest natural deep water port in the world - the largest being Pearl Harbour. The whole island is a European Biological Reserve and Unesco Biosphere Reserve aiming to preserve environmental areas. More than a 75% of the territory is protected. Menorca is also home to more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza combined.