Our commitment to sustainability

We are keen to mitigate our environmental impact wherever possible. In our offices we reduce, re-use, re-cycle. The paper used in our brochures is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. We are also reducing the number of brochures that we produce by increasing the life cycle of each brochure from 12 to up to 24 months. Our polybag envelopes are made from 100% recycled polythene and are 100% recyclable. To offset the carbon emissions from staff flights, we contribute annually to The Travel Foundation who lead sustainability studies to ensure natural resources are better protected through improved tourism practices.

Eco-luxury hotels

With the aim of preserving the quality and beauty of holiday destinations for future generations, many hotels have developed sustainability initiatives to improve their ecological footprint. As a result, a number of our featured hotels have received awards from ecological organisations such as Travelife, Green Key and Blue Flag.

Ecotourism has become the focal point of a wide range of private and public sector development initiatives in the countries  of the Indian Ocean. Renowned for its pristine beauty, Seychelles has made it its mission to preserve its rich natural heritage through sustainable practices and procedures. The Maldives also impress with green initiatives. To protect this fragile environment the government encourages environmentally friendly technologies to be deployed wherever possible, especially within the hotels and their infrastructure. Plans are afoot to make the Maldives one of the first countries to achieve carbon-neutral status. Costa Rica also shares this mission, and is on course to become one of the world’s first zero emissions country.

The Maldives are set to become one of the first carbon-neutral countries

The Maldives are set to become one of the first carbon-neutral countries

Together with our own sustainable practices, our hotels are deploying carbon offset projects to preserve and protect. A large number of our featured hotels are reducing carbon emissions by exploring alternative sources of energy, sourcing food as locally as possible to reduce food miles and encouraging guests to conserve energy and cut down on litter. Should you have any questions about the sustainability credentials of any of our featured properties please speak to our travel consultants.